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Revolutionizing corporate wellness 

We deliver physical therapy where pain starts - the desk.

Employee health is now more important than ever before 

Physical Therapy at Work

Whether onsite or a home office, we offer premium one-on-one care where it’s needed most.

Breaking the Wellness Mold

Our educational lectures, mobility workshops, and ergonomic expertise create a healthier corporate culture while teaching others to effectively manage pain.

Helping Your Bottom Line

Happier and healthier employees lower your healthcare costs while boosting productivity.


Sedentary work can be deadly

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Dangers of Sitting

The fourth largest preventable killer is sitting, causing 3.2 million deaths a year. Sitting too long can lead to heart disease, diabetes, muscle atrophy, and much more. As many as 63% report their injuries were due to desk work. 

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See the effectiveness of physical therapy

Let Us Help Show You Care

Let Us Help Show You Care

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Priceless Benefits

Poor health and injury is often due to a sedentary work life coupled with insufficient recreational activity. Physical therapists are movement doctors who help patients build the strength and endurance needed to handle life's demands.

Rounding out corporate wellness

The Missing Piece

Although many companies promote well-being, they’re missing a critical component; treating occupational health risks at the source with physical therapy. 

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Our approach to convenient care

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