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Our core values place you at the center.

Desk Unrest offers physical therapy designed for Bay Area desk workers at home and in the office.

Mission Statement

Disrupting today's sedentary work life with onsite and virtual physical therapy to treat pain where it typically arises- the desk.


Desk Unrest believes that physical therapy deserves a seat at the table of corporate wellness. The options provided by most employers address the symptoms of chronic pain yet not the root cause. Our approach will address the source of ailments by providing direct care from Doctors of Physical Therapy, as well as identifying faulty work habits and correcting them for lasting, pain-free results. We provide effective recovery plans to achieve painless productivity bringing long-term value to employers and education to improve the corporate culture. We will help you attract the best talent by offering the best care.

How We Got Started

Founder and lead Doctor of Physical Therapy, Kevin Fong, has years of experience treating individuals with personalized and detailed care. Throughout his career, he has offered services at clinics, gyms, homes, and virtual consulting. Kevin noticed a need for physical therapy in the corporate space to educate employers and employees on how to mitigate and prevent musculoskeletal issues of a sedentary workplace lifestyle.

After years of treating semi-pro athletes and weekend warriors alike, Kevin realized that injuries are typically caused by how the body is maintained outside of recreational activity rather than during physical activity. The lifestyle people live during work hours results in neglected health practices, ignored pain, and slowly manifested injuries. Desk Unrest's goal is to combat these issues at their source and prevent injuries by treating employees' pain whether it be at the office, in their home, or virtual.

Dr. Kevin Fong, PT, DPT, CSCS, CEAS

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and Founder

Kevin's hybridized skill set in healthcare and business management has allowed him to recognize and fix the pain points of office work. He is a graduate of Physical Therapy combined with years of corporate sector experience. Kevin also owns an outpatient practice in a local gym that treats sports injuries and advanced phased recovery. His unique insight and approach to Physical Therapy utilizes his business acumen, autonomy, and communication. 


  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy, University of St. Augustine, San Marcos, CA 

  • Bachelor of Business Management, University of California Santa Cruz, CA


  • NSCA Certififed Strength and Conditioning Specialist

  • Certified Office Ergonomist

Here are our solutions to

insurance shortcomings.

Transparent Pricing

The amount quoted is the amount you pay unlike most in-network coverage that may be higher than expected.

Leading the way in our industry 

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